Returning Members

You may choose to apply to serve a second, third, or fourth year with Intermountain AmeriCorps.  IMAC staff selects returning members based on the criteria outlined below. 

Re-enrollment with Intermountain AmeriCorps for another year is not guaranteed.

Things to Consider When Applying for Another Term

If you are staying at the same site, your growth may not be as intense.  You may experience boredom at doing the same work.  It is a good idea to discuss this with your supervisors and plan together for ways to make your next year positive, challenging, and full of growth. On the other hand, by serving at the same site, you may already have a level of comfort and knowledge of the position, which will give you a greater capacity to be more effective sooner in the year.


You will experience some repetition in pre-service training and team meetings.  Consider how you can and will make trainings and meetings more challenging and valuable for yourself.  There are many ways to do this and staff are open to your ideas to improve team meetings and trainings.


Finances!  For some reason, living on your meager stipend for more than one term becomes even more difficult.  You’ve exhausted your savings, or the goodwill of your friends and family, put off basic maintenance of your car, etc.  It is important to develop a realistic financial plan.


Applying for another service term is a slightly different process.  We have outlined expectations and the application process for potential returning members below.

Returning Member Expectations

Returning members have received positive performance evaluations during their previous year, including a proven record of:

  • Ability to take initiative and follow through with tasks

  • Effective communication skills

  • Proactive approach to resolving conflict and problem solving

  • Leadership development

  • Timely and accurate Monthly reports/Great Stories, and timesheets.

  • Active and constructive participation


Returning members:

  • Exhibit -and continue to demonstrate- a willingness to continue learning and a commitment to their personal and professional growth.

  • Are a positive role model and mentor for first-year members.

  • Continue to foster a sound collaboration with sites, communities, and fellow members as a representative of the AmeriCorps program.

Returning Member Application Process

You are responsible for turning in a completed application by Friday, June 7th, 2019.  If you do not complete the application materials by this date you will be in the applicant pool with all new applicants.  We will accept applications until all positions are filled, but June 7th gives you higher priority in the applicant pool.  The application materials include the following items:



We know that you’ve already completed an online AmeriCorps application.  It will now be necessary to update that application to reflect what you’ve been doing this term.  We recommend that you do the following:

  1. Withdraw your current AmeriCorps application from the IMAC program.


   2.  Update your online application in all applicable areas.  This may include your current contact information, your current AmeriCorps service experience, volunteer service and new motivational statement (see below for more information).  Be sure to show a Washington address as your current residence.  Re-submit the application to one of the current IMAC listings.

   3. Re-submit the application to one of the current IMAC listings.


Two References  

Do NOT update this section in your online application. Keep your old references from this year’s online application.  Please click the link below to fill out the form your name and the with the email addresses of your two references and Carli will email the reference form to them. 


 One must be from your current site supervisor and another from someone else on staff at your site or another person who supervised you in a volunteer capacity this year. 


Be sure to complete this task as soon as you know whom you want your references to be and have gathered their permission and contact information. 


Motivational Statement

Update the old motivational statement in your My AmeriCorps Application by answering the following questions in your new motivational statement (maximum of 3,000 characters). The program we use to create listings and view your applications is down for us. That’s totally fine, for now, what we will do is ask that you submit your updated mission statement in the submission box below. Once we’re back up and running I’ll reach out to you all and give you instructions about updating your applications.


  • Why do you want to serve another term with IMAC?

  • How will you address the specific challenges encountered during your current term of service?

  • What are your specific, individual goals for another term of service?

  • What kind of sites would you like to serve at next year? Why?


*In-Person Follow-up Visit.  We will contact you to arrange an in-person visit at the IMAC office to discuss your application and your interest in serving for the upcoming program term.        

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